• 07/03/2022

Throughout my working life; In various business areas and positions, I worked as a team leader, team member, and versatile technical personnel in different companies and in many different countries and projects, who adopted sincerity, seriousness, and ownership.

In my spare time from my main job, as a freelancer in my own personal office, I tried to suppress my interest in the IT world by building various web applications, giving programming fundamentals lessons to my close circle and children who want to learn to code for free.

This is not the first time I have had a blog/site. I had built one back in 2005 while in college, and it was very much my own introduction to web development and distributed systems.

This is not the first time I have published things on the internet. I have made and shared blog posts, small-scale projects many times. Each one disappeared over time.

This is the time for me again back in seriously.

I started working as a manual tester, and eventually, I transitioned to automation. I have nearly 2 years of QA experience in web-based applications and more than one year of that was in automation

Now that all this has already happened, it’s time to start a new blog here for the benefit of people interested in new knowledge and experience. If you have any questions or need help. Please use the contact form and do not hesitate to write me…

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